Hard to Access Areas need a pedestrian sweeper and pedestrian scrubber.

Clean your internal walkways before visitors come to your site, using our factory cleaning services. Often clients or potential new clients want to visit your site, or the board members are coming from head office. We offer extensive site cleans prior to these visits. We can tailor our cleaning maintenance schedule to include being flexible, changing time and day, to enhance the aesthetics of the site prior to that important meeting.

Narrow walkways, corridors, aisles and tight spaces can often be the hardest to access when trying to clean in any area. The accumulated dust, grime, general waste, bird droppings and rubbish are known to get stuck in corners or gather along fences, bollards or railing.

At Sweep Scrub, we offer thorough factory floor cleaning services, using our warehouse sweeping and warehouse scrubber expertise. We know that these thoroughfares are key to allowing productivity or general day to day operations within a site. Some tight spaces can require a significant amount of down time to clean, which can either delay or stop access altogether.

Our compact Industrial Sweepers and Scrubbers can deliver superior industrial cleaning results, allowing pedestrian thoroughfare almost immediately. This permits regular day to day operations to return to usual, much quicker than other methods of cleaning and with less fuss.

Benefits of using an industrial sweeper, or industrial scrubber over “other methods”

  • No excess water or splatter

  • Area safe and ready for traffic

  • Debris is contained

  • Site can continue as usual

One of our friendly staff will be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements and provide a free no obligation quote.


Before and After Photos