Sweep Scrub Pty Ltd aims to provide the absolute best job possible. We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction through the promotion of excellence in all our business processes and activities. Our management system shall provide the framework for the development, implementation and review of our process to ensure that excellence is achieved.

Sweep Scrub Pty Ltd has been successfully operating in Adelaide, South Australia, since 1987 with humble beginnings. Originally known as Industrial Sweeping and Scrubbing Pty Ltd, or IS&S, the name was simply too long as a web address. Hence sweepscrub.com.au and then Sweep Scrub Pty Ltd came to be. We are Adelaide’s original and longest standing sweeping and scrubbing contractor, and we are yet to come across a job too complicated or difficult. Whatever you need done, we do the best we can to help.

We offer a comprehensive premier range of cleaning services on all surfaces. We operate a diverse fleet of machinery, from ride on sweepers to pedestrian units, in order to match the right machine to the specific needs.

By dealing with Sweep Scrub, you are assured of the following:

  • Over 35 years experience in the cleaning industry

  • Unblemished environmental record

  • Proactive recycling and environmental initiatives

  • Technical and operational expertise

  • Sweep Scrub Pty Ltd employs people with knowledge and expertise that match the requirements of the work our clients need.

  • We possess industry experience and quality staff that are polite, punctual and professional.

  • We are committed to observing the highest standards of Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare for the sake of our own workforce, our customers, the environment and community in which we operate. All employees are trained in OHS&W policies and procedures.

  • All site specific policies are adhered to first and foremost.

  • Services are provided to both Adelaide metropolitan and South Australian regional areas.