Terms of Service

Outlined below is a summary of our Terms of Service.

  • Standard conditions relating to access and safety apply.
  • A purchase order stating the above quotation number is required prior to works being commenced.
  • All areas is defined as accessible by machine.
  • Payment terms are 7 days unless otherwise arranged.
  • Sweeping/ Scrubbing service does not guarantee complete removal of all contaminants.
  • Price does not include water supply.
  • Price does not include rubbish and/ or waste water removal.
  • Notification of any dangerous materials, chemicals on site is required prior to works commencing.
  • Unless otherwise stated, price does not include any safety/ documentation/ induction requirements. An additional charge per hour for any part thereof will be added.
  • Disposable consumables (i.e. disposable overalls) to be added to the price as required.
  • Unless otherwise stated, pricing is based on standard hours, 8am- 4pm, Mon- Fri. 
  • Pricing does not allow for waiting for stock movement.
  • This quotation is valid for 14 days.
  • Variation to frequency may result in price fluctuation.
  • Variations to requested works will be at industry applicable standard charges. 
  • Cancellations upon arrival will result in a 30% charge.

If you are an account customer you can access our full terms of service policy at the the link below using password you have been provided. If you need to be issued with a new password contact info@sweepscrub.com.au