Product contamination is sometimes, incorrectly overlooked as part of business. Do you have product on racks covered in dust? Imagine a tree-lined street. When the trees drop the leaves and a car drives through, all the leaves end up in the gutters and there is a defined pathway where the car has been.

The same thing happens in your warehouse with dust. When a forklift drives down an aisle way covered in dust, said dust becomes air borne and has a few places to go. Perhaps your staff breathe it in, perhaps the air intake of the forklift, perhaps it settles on product or back on the floor.

Sweep Scrub sweepers will filter airborne contaminants (dust) to 0.5 microns. (1 mm3 = 1000 microns)

That is why many businesses take measures to prevent dust, such as:

  1. Vacuum and broom floors (Sweeper)

  2. Apply a soap and water solution, agitated with a surface specific brush (Scrubber)

  3. Establish and maintain a cleaning schedule.



It's essential to find a floor-cleaning approach that not only meets your facility's cleaning requirements but also helps increase your productivity – both in time and labour. Let Sweep Scrub provide both the time and labour, allowing you to focus on core business.


Sweep Before

Sweep After



Once Over Scrub 1

Once Over Scrub 2


“Clean” can mean anything from getting rid of chunks of dirt on the floor to creating a shiny, scuff-free surface.