Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost of buying a sweeper?

A. Sweepers and scrubbers generally need a lot of daily, preventative maintenance. As machines become more technologically advanced, so too do the electronics. Whilst this is user friendly, most people will agree, electronics and dust, generally don’t go together. Your typical machine will have a computer system, much like your typical car or forklift.
Please be aware of the costs associated with maintenance packages, finance costs, operator costs, running costs and operator error. 

Q. Should I buy a sweeping machine or get a sweeping contractor?

A. Sweep Scrub will give you a fixed price, regular service. Sweep Scrub develop long standing relationships with valued clients, who can depend on us to provide services on time, every time. You, as the customer, can count on us to show up at the agreed time i.e. the second Wednesday of every month, mid-morning.

Some clients have a regular daily sweeping service. Some clients a weekly scrubbing service. Some clients call on a casual basis. The choice is yours.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. We provide no obligation, free quotes. As a general rule of thumb, it is not practical to quote over the phone. We are happy to do a site visit, check your requirements, and offer advice. We will provide a written quotation, to ensure you get what you want. At Sweep Scrub, we find it is best to have a look, talk to the customer, gauge expectation and provide what is wanted the first time. 

Q. What areas do you service?

A. We offer our services across the Adelaide metropolitan area as well as all regional areas in South Australia. We offer a 24/7 services for all account customers.